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  • Date: 2012-03-20
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Sinovac started international markets exploration five years ago, presently our vaccine products have been registered or under registration in 16 countries mostly from South East Asia, Africa, South America and West Pacific region. We are keen to establish long-term partnership with each of our quality distributors meanwhile provide them with the best products, services, technical supports, and especially our characterized marketing and sales policies.

Vaccines available for international distribution:

User Target
Trade Name
Generic Name

Hepatitis A Vaccine,Inactivated

Single dose in vial or syringe

Influenza Vaccine , Inactivated
Single dose in vial or syringe

H5N1 Pandemic Influenza

Single or two doses in vial

Veterinary Rabies Vaccine, Inactivated
Single dose in vial or syringe;
Ten doses in vial.

*Please refer to “R&D Pipeline” for prospective distribution.


Generally we supply finished products to distributors, but we are open to discuss any kind of possible business models and cooperation opportunities.

“Make new friends, and keep old ones”, we treat our distributors as friends, basing on the committed friendship, we have been enjoying working with them to bring high quality but cost effective vaccines to benefit the compatriot of their countries.

Should you also be interested in bringing above excellent vaccines to your country or region, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mr. Xuefeng Wang,
Overseas Marketing Manager
Tel: +86-10-8279-9586
Fax: +86-10-8279-9622
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